Gili Labak Madura

Surga Kecil Orang Madura (Gili labak Madura, Small Heaven Madurese)

Gili Island labak - During this time of Madura is famous Suramadu bridge. However, it turns out in Madura there is a very beautiful tourist place at all. The place name is Gili labak located in the village of Kombang, District Talango, Sumenep, East Java. Gili Island labak the first people call it the Rat Island has an area of about 5 hectares and is surrounded by walking less than 30 minutes is inhabited by about approximately 35 households. If the searcher wants to Gili labak can use the bus from Surabaya to Sumenep a rate of about Rp 53,000 with travel time for approximately 4 hours. Then after arriving at the terminal Sumenep, searchers can immediately find public transport (motorcycle taxi / minibus) to go to Port Kalianget. Because Gili labak relatively small island so there is no regular boat, you have to rent a fishing boat for less than Rp 400,000 round-trip with a capacity of about 18 people. The price was not sure, so depending searchers negotiate with the owner of the boat. Gili labak offer views very beautiful. Stretch of white sand and blue sea with gentle waves make this place a very feasible to trace. And about 50 meters before searchers anchored on the shore, searchers will be greeted with beningya seawater make searchers can enjoy a coral reef that is very beautiful. On the island of Gili labak one activity that searchers should not miss is snorkeling and diving, because this island has underwater scenery is very beautiful. In addition searchers also can swim, sunbathe, relax on the beach enjoying the scenery, or a walking path along the coast. Oh yes for searchers who want to dive or snorkel are expected to bring their own equipment on the island of Gili labak because there is no place persewaannya. For supporting facilities on the island of Gili labak itself is still relatively lacking. Here there is no source of fresh water, so the need for clean water is still very limited. Besides electricity also just flame at night alone. On the island of Gili labak also no accommodation and food stalls. So if searchers here, should bring adequate supplies. If the searcher wants to stay, then searchers can stay home residents or also set up a tent on the beach.